In addition to traditional hardware products, we also supply professional-grade pumps, well supplies and irrigation products. Unique solutions are our specialties.

We Sell Residential Shallow Well Solutions

We Sell Turf & Irrigation Pumps & Solutions

We Are Your Lawn Irrigation Specialists

Lawn Irrigation

AutoCAD design

We will plot out a complete irrigation system for you based on your rough drawings and measurements and provide you with a full list of materials needed.


If you are having trouble with your clocks, valves, heads, gaskets or seals in Hunter or Rainbird heads, we can help!


We sell FEBCO/Watts pressure vacuum breakers, locally made river screens, suction hoses, and more!


Saniflo Products

Install a bathroom anywhere without any major construction!

Contact us about Saniflo products 

SANIFLO Authorized Dealer




Hardware We Carry


  • Danco Products
    • Faucet stems
    • Toilet repair
    • Tubular sink drain supplies
  • Sink and toilet supply lines
  • CAM lock fittings
  • DWV compression fittings
  • PVC SCH 40 PVC (pressure & drain)
  • Domestic galvanized and black fittings
  • Copper sweat
  • Push-fit fittings
  • ProPress fittings
  • Fernco flexible couplings


  • Domestic galvanized well pipe
  • 1-1/4" & 2" drive couplings
  • Simmons well points
  • Simmons check valves
  • Well-X-Trol tanks
  • Pitless adapters
  • 4", 5" & 6" well caps

Lawn & Garden

  • Hunter and Rainbird irrigation supplies
  • Hoses, soaker hoses & sprinklers
  • Garden sprayers
  • Landscape cloth
  • Fungicides & herbicides
  • Weedkillers & insecticides
  • Lawn & garden tools


  • Electrical wire
  • Wall boxes
  • Junction boxes
  • Circuit breakers & fuses
  • Electric conduit, couplings & circuit breakers